• I haven’t done any martial arts before - will I be able to do iai?

Yes no problem at all. Iai is done solo, and each kata can be broken down step by step, so you can learn safely, at your own pace, and can stop and restart as you need to improve. You practice in your own space because of the swords being used - Covid safe!! lol. It is perfect for older teenagers through to seniors. Your teacher will give you plenty of 1 on 1 tuition so you will feel quite comfortable picking it up.


  • Do I need to be fit?

Iai has little to no impact, is done smoothly and with with full control. You will feel some muscles for sure, but aerobic fitness is not needed. As you progress and apply yourself, you may be surprised what muscles you gain!


  • What do I need, to start doing lessons ?

Come along with t shirt and long pants, track pants, leggings, etc. Shorts are okay too. We will lend you a belt and a wooden sword to start with. Once you start training, the uniform consists of a jacket, belt and pleated skirt pants called hakama. You can assemble your own, or we can recommend a set from Japan at around the $235 mark, which also includes an undershirt. These uniforms are polyester type and will last 10 years or more, so work out to be quite economical. There us a cheaper set available through Aliexpress. Kneepads are usually worn too. We can usually lend you some as well.


  • Are my grades recognized anywhere?

Yes, the grades are recognised both Australia wide and internationally as well. The grades you achieve stay with you always. People can and do train at other locations and are readily accepted.


  • Do I need to buy a new belt with every grade?

No. We wear all black uniforms and the belt matches the uniform. It doesn’t change regardless of grade, so you can wear the same belt for many many years.


  • What other costs are there?

Once you start, you will need to buy an aluminium replica katana. We recommend swords from Noshudo in Japan and cost about $800 - $1100. Tozando also make suitable swords at around the same price range. Name badges cost around $34.. These are tailor made with your name and our club name and are made in Japan. They are not essential so we can wait till 3 or 4 people want one. We do not charge an annual membership, but you will need to pay an annual subscription fee to the West Australian Kendo Renmei, free is currently $100 or $50 for Under 18 years of age. Gradings cost around $30..¨

  • Are you insured?

Yes, 3rd party and indemnity insurance is covered with the annual membership fee to the WAKR. A small value personal injury is also covered but you should really have private insurance. Iai is extremely safe and injuries are very rare and minor in nature.


  • Do you have kids and adult classes?

No, we recommend older teenagers as a minimum age, and everyone joins the same class. We value inclusivity and encourage students to help each other as we share our journey. We do have some barely teenagers, The Instructor has a WWC card.


  • Are you the only club teaching this art

No, there are several clubs here in Perth and many around the nation. Iai is a global community and is very popular in Europe and its birthplace, Japan. You will learn the basic standardised set of kata called seitei, then soon start doing the ‘old style’ kata as well. This timing is at the discretion of the sensei. Each club chooses its own ‘old school’. Here in Perth, there are 2 styles - Muso shinden ryu and Tamiya ryu. This club does Muso shinden ryu - the largest style in Japan. There are also other muso shinden schools in Queensland, ACT and Victoria. Elsewhere in Australia, there is also Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu.



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