SailPass Introductory Membership

SailPass is a temporary membership to allow non-members of an Aust Sailing club to participate in sailing events in accordance with the Australian Sailing prescription at Racing Rules of Sailing 46. Temporary membership of Australian Sailing through SailPass provides participants with cover under the Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance policy for the day/s that the SailPass applies. RYCT SailPass is limited to 6 SailPasses per year.

How to register

    1. Already a SailPass member

If you have previously registered for a SailPass or have already an Australian Sailing (AS) number, you can register below using your existing AS Number.

Don't know your AS Number? CLICK HERE TO FIND IT.

    1. New to SailPass?

If you have never registered for a SailPass and don't have an AS Number click on the ‘Don't have an AS Number?’ link at the bottom of the page.


‘Don't have an AS Number?


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