Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

Squash Australia and Squash ACT Memberships are valid for 12 months, on a per Financial Year basis.

North Canberra Squash Juniors Club does not charge its membership fee through Revsport, rather members are invoiced on a per term/semester basis for that periods fee.

Note that it is Squash Australia policy that players based in ACT register their membership with their club as well as Squash ACT and Squash Australia. This means when you take out a players membership with the North Canberra Squash Club (NCSC) you will also be taking out a players membership with Squash ACT and Squash Australia. You can see the different levels of membership and what Squash Australia offers for each level in the Squash Australia Membership Booklet on pages 6 and 7.

Juniors who just train will only require a training (lifestyles) membership which is low cost. Parents, if they so choose to join the platform, to stay informed online need only register for a free Digital membership. To participate in ACT Juniors Pennant you will need a “local” membership. If you intend to participate in National/International or other events outside the ACT you will need the "compete" membership.

The breakdown of the membership charges and how much goes to NCSC, Squash ACT and Squash Australia is as follows:

Membership Category Squash Australia ACT Squash NCSC Total
Junior High Performance  $38.50 $20.00 $0.00 $58.50
Junior Pennant (Local) $16.50 $20.00 $0.00 $36.50
Junior Training (Lifestyle) $11.00 $10.00 $0.00 $21.00
Parent Membership (Digital) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00