MUPolo Merchandise Store by S-Trend!

Published Mon 23 May 2022

After months of close collaboration with our branding partner, S-trend, and meetings behind closed doors, MUPolo is excited to announce the release of the hottest new sporting threads, hitting a pool-deck near you this June.

Our revamped designs, made out of the latest in recycled plastic technology, are not only breathable for you, but our ocean brethren too. Every time you pull on your new kit, you can congratulate yourself on the countless turtles, dolphins and fish that you have saved in the process. 

Varied Women’s and Men’s cuts will have you looking your best at the gym, at training, and before games. 

Orders are to be placed in the online store before our deadline of May 31st. The store will then close for production, so we can get your gear out to you ASAP. 

MUPolo has decided to focus this store on your top half, only stocking T-shirts, singlets and our classic rugby jumper. Future store openings may include other items, but don't wait or you may miss out on these gems!

Use the following link to access your elite future and place your order:

Rugby Jumper

Classic Rugby Jumper

Cotton T-Shirt (Plain back)

Cotton T-Shirt (plain back)

Cotton Long Sleeve - Front

Cotton Long Sleeve - Front

Cotton Long Sleeve - Back

Cotton Long Sleeve - Back

Black Sport Shirt

Sport T-Shirt - Black

White Sport Shirt

Sport T-Shirt - White

Black Sport Singlet

Sport Singlet - Black

White Sport Singlet

Sport Singlet - White



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