Club Update - September 2020

Published Wed 30 Sep 2020

Dear Members, 

Another month goes by, and another set of rules applied. It's very pleasing to see that after many months, we appear to be approaching the end of these challenges. With the weather warming up and restrictions starting, we hope to be able to see many of you back around the club, pool or beach in the no too distant future. 

This month's club news speaks to some of those plans for returning to sport, as well as a membership update and activities that you can get involved in as we reconnect virtually, and then hopefully in person in the not too distant future.

Victoria's Restrictions and Returning to Sport

Most pleasing for all of us water babies, is that a return to outdoor pools has been granted under the current restrictions. We have been very pleased to see many members making bookings at their local pools and enjoying the warming weather! We encourage you  to ease yourselves back into some regular swimming where possible even if it's a splash at the beach. Our shoulders have had a great rest (almost 12 months for some of us) and we need to look after ourselves as we return to sport.

The club's committee has been working behind the scenes putting together some small mobility, strength, swimming and cardio circuits you can do at home, the local park or at the pool to start to prepare yourself for a return to sport. Whether you plan to come back to water polo immediately or at some point in the future, we want to do our best to prevent injury. Some activities will be shared on our social media channels and website so stay tuned over the next few weeks as they start to filter in.



Club Membership 2020/21

As you may be aware, the Club Membership period ended on 30 August 2020, with the new membership year commencing 1 September 2020, running through until 30 August 2021. The new membership year means that we ask all members to register and provide updated details so that we can ensure we have the most accurate details to continue to stay in contact and give you regular updates. There is NO FEE to register, and we would appreciate it if all members can please promptly complete registration so we can begin to gauge numbers, and commitment to returning to sport when possible.

A separate email will be issued with details as to how to register, and links made available on social media and our website.

Water Polo Victoria and the Victorian Clubs are all working towards getting  back to playing sport as soon as practical. The final form this will take is still to be determined. As a club, our priority has always been to offer a great water polo experience while reducing the cost to our members as much as possible. This includes applying for grant funding, effective use of our Melbourne University Sport subsidy and the thankless hours of work from our club volunteers and committee. When we return we expect that this will continue, although we know and understand the cost of water polo is considerably higher than other sports and the pandemic has impacted everyone in different ways. We please ask that if you feel the cost to continue playing water polo may prohibit you rejoining that you reach out and let us know so that we are able to help. Above all we want to see you all back at the club and we are putting measures in place within our club budget to further reduce fees for the upcoming seasons.


As always, we are always just a message away if anyone needs anything. Please don't hesitate to send us an email, or message through any of our social media channels and we will be here for support.


Stay safe!

Melbourne University Water Polo Club


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