Club Update - July 2020

Published Wed 29 Jul 2020

Dear Members, 

We have all experienced varying degrees of challenge, difficulty and change over the last few months. While the world has been grappling with the pandemic, behind the scenes your club committee have been working towards getting some new structure into the club. 

We all experienced a false start a couple of weeks ago when pools and gyms opened periodically before restrictions were once again introduced to protect the health of our community. We acknowledge that as a club we didn’t reopen during this time, as there have been a number of COVID-19 requirements the club is to meet to be able to recommence sessions to the satisfaction of our members. Rest assured that the planning we were doing was not wasted, and will only put us in a better position when the time comes for us to get back into the sport we all love.

Over the next few weeks we are going to start re-engaging with our community more thoughtfully, and we would love your involvement. From what we have experienced in the last two weeks this second lockdown is much tougher than the first was. We all seem to need that little bit more support. Hopefully what we have in store at the club can be that outlet and change everyone has hanging out for. 

We ask that you please keep your eyes tuned to both our Facebook and Instagram pages over the next few weeks as we start to lift our support game!

As a first little taste, we have a special surprise on the way for each of our club members. In order to receive your surprise, please check your e-mail (it may have gone to spam) and there is a form to complete for members only.

As always, the club is here to support all of our members where and when we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or through social media if you feel you need any assistance. 


Stay safe!

Melbourne University Water Polo Club


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