Individual Player Sponsorship

Individual Player Sponsorship Agreement


Mentone Hockey Club is a community-based club committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all players to develop and play their best hockey. To keep individual player costs as low as possible, we encourage players to seek individual player sponsorships, which will help offset some of the costs associated with playing.

Your sponsorship will assist in offsetting the player registration fees for those playing for Mentone Hockey Club. Additionally, your business will be recognised as a champion for well-being in the Bayside area and as an organisation that values the role of sports in the local community.

Please Note:

  • Player Sponsorship is for the 2024 winter season.
  • Player Sponsorship paid through the Australian Sports Foundation is tax-deductible.
  • Sponsorship does not include the Hockey Victoria Membership costs (payable by the player).

Sponsorship Inclusions:

  • Company name, logo, supplied information, and contact details are included on the Mentone Hockey Club website on the player sponsor page.
  • Invitation to the Annual Mentone Hockey Club Sponsors Day, with your promotion material to display your company brand or products.
  • Inclusion in club communications such as newsletter
  • If appropriate, we will include your company’s products in fundraising events.

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