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*Mentone Hockey Club has, where appropriate adopted Hockey Victoria/Hockey Australia Policies as our own.

Mentone Hockey Club Constitution

Mentone Hockey Club Club By-Laws

Mentone Hockey Club Child Safe Standards

Mentone Hockey Club Volunteer and Employee Policy

Hockey Australia Code of Conduct

Hockey Victoria Privacy Policy

Hockey Victoria Social Media Policy

Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy

Hockey Victoria Inclusion Policy

Hockey Australia Safe Hockey - Policies & Procedures

Hockey Australia Weather Policy

Hockey Australia Concussion Policy

Member Protection

Mentone Hockey Club is committed to the health, safety and general well being of all its members and participants. We are committed to providing a safe and protective environment for all members and visitors participating in hockey activities.

The policy work towards maintaining ethical and informed decision-making and responsible behaviours within our Club.  To that end Mentone Hockey Club follows and subscribes to the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy

Member Protection Information Officer Contacts

Inclusion Policy

Social inclusion is about making sure everyone is able to participate as valued, respected and contributing members of society. It is also about the acceptance and equal treatment of members of the wider community regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexuality, age, disability, religious or cultural background, or other attributes that may lead to people feeling excluded or isolated. Mentone Hockey Club fully supports Hockey Victoria’s (HV) position on the inclusion of all people.

Click HERE to download a copy of Hockey Victoria's Inclusion policy

Diversity Statement

At Mentone Hockey Club we value and embrace diversity and consider a mix of human differences is essential to growth and development of our organisation. We understand the contribution that a wider range of skills, knowledge and experience will bring to our hockey club. New ideas, innovation, creativity, problem solving, continuous improvement processes will be enhanced by groups of people with different ideas working together.


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