Maccabiah Games

MACCABIAH 2025: Athlete Application Form

1. Introduction

We are delighted that you are interested in joining Team Australia at the 22nd Maccabiah Games in July 2025 (Games).

Team Australia (Team) is the Australian delegation selected and sent by Maccabi Australia Incorporated (MAI) to the Games. 

1.1 Process

In order to become a Team Member, an applicant must go through a trial and/or selection process. This process is governed by the Maccabiah Australian Team Selection By-Laws (By-Laws), which can be accessed here.

A person becomes a Team Member if, after their application is submitted:

(a) MAI:

(i) accepts the person's application on the basis that MAI determines that the person is eligible to apply and has complied with the process set out in the By-Laws; 

(ii) in the case of Athletes and Officials, selects the person for the relevant role; and

(iii) offers the person a position on the Team; and

(b) the person accepts the offer by:

(i) signing the Team Agreement; and 

(ii) paying any amount determined by MAI from time to time.  

MAI will set the timetable for this process, and can amend the timetable at its discretion.

For further details about the selection process, please consult the By-Laws.

1.2 Vision, Values and behaviour

Before you submit your application to become a Team Member, it is important that you understand our Team Vision and Values, and that you are willing to commit to the standards of behaviour that we expect from Team Members. 

In this application process, you will be required to:

• read about our Vision and Values;

• consider MAI's behavioural expectations;

• insert all of your relevant details in our online form; and 

• confirm your eligibility to be a Team Member and agree to comply with MAI's Values and standards of behaviour, and to accept any disciplinary consequences of breaching those standards.

2. Team Vision and Values

2.1 Vision

Our Vision is to advance MAI's goal to develop and strengthen the Australian Jewish community through sport and wellness, by:

(a) ensuring the safety, security and welfare of Team Australia;

(b) providing athletes with the best available support so they can strive for sporting excellence;

(c) building a strong team culture which is based on Maccabi's Values; and

(d) making meaningful connections within the community, including developing and deepening a sense of connection to one another, the Maccabi movement, and Israel.

2.2 Values

The Maccabi Values, set out below, should be at the centre of everything we do. Both during the application and selection process, and (if you become a Team Member) through to the end of the Games, you must comply with and act in accordance with these Values at all times.

1. Respect – incorporating respect for oneself, one's body, for others, for the rules and regulations, for sport, for our community and for the environment.  When it comes to sport, respect stands for fair play, winning with humility and standing against discrimination and any other unethical behaviour in a professional and courteous manner. 

2. Community – acting consciously to inspire the trust of everyone whose lives we touch by modelling the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  We should carry our Jewishness with pride and conduct ourselves in ways that make the Jewish community proud, and that help foster our interconnectedness.

3. Teamwork – success and excellence can only be achieved and sustained by a deep commitment to working as a team and the practice of focusing on collective, rather than individual, effort and rewards.

4. Volunteerism – remaining accountable to our members, other athletes, Officials and Coaches and value the work of the volunteers who are at the heart of our organisation. We aim to promote open and transparent management processes and always to engage in authentic consultation with our stakeholders.

3. Team behavioural expectations and rules, and consequences of breach

3.1 Applicant rules

As an Applicant to become a Team Member, you must always conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with MAI's rules, Vision and Values.

Without limiting these obligations, you must, at all times:

• strictly adhere to the rules set out in all relevant documents, including MAI's Code of Conduct and other Integrity Policies. You should follow these links, read these documents and ensure you understand them; 

• respect the authority and decisions of the Team Selection Committee, noting however that you can appeal those decisions;

• respect the authority and decisions of coaching staff and team management, and comply with their directions regarding team operation, logistics and conduct; and

• attend scheduled trials, meetings and other selection-related events as required.

3.2 Team Member rules

In addition, if you become a Team Member, you will be required to commit to all the Team rules. These will be referred to in the Team Membership Agreement that you sign, and will include (at a minimum) additional rules about:

• travel and social media use; 

• attending Team events and meeting any standards required by team management from time to time; and

• behaviours that embody MAI's Values, including: 

o demonstrating sportsmanship through integrity and fair play in all interactions on and off the field;

o treating other Athletes, opponents, Officials, and spectators with respect and professionalism, irrespective of any differences that may arise;

o upholding the principles of inclusivity, diversity, and equality in all aspects of team participation; and 

o striving for sporting excellence while maintaining humility and respect for the efforts of others.

3.3 Refusal, suspension and revocation

MAI may refuse a person's application to be a Team Member at any stage of the application or 

selection process, or suspend or revoke the person's membership of the Team, if the person has at any time:

(a) engaged in conduct which:

(i) is a breach of any Integrity Policy;

(ii) has brought, brings, or would have the tendency to bring into disrepute:

(A) MAI; 

(B) the Team; 

(C) Maccabi generally; and/or 

(D) their sport; and/or

(iii) is otherwise inconsistent with the values, best interests, or image of MAI, the Team or Maccabi generally; and/or

(b) been convicted of, or charged with, any offence involving violence, alcohol or drugs, or any sex offence, or any offence relating to any betting or gambling activities on sport, or any indictable offence; and/or

(c) intentionally and seriously breached a direction made by team management.

If (a) or (b) above applies to you, you must disclose details of the situation in the form on page 4. If you are selected and become a Team Member, and any of the situations in (a) or (b) applies to you in future, you must disclose details of the situation to the General Manager.

4.2 Disclosure

If any of the situations in part 3.3 (a) or (b) apply to you, please describe the situation or circumstances by sending your response to gm.internationalgames@maccabi.com.au

4.3 Special circumstances

MAI aims to create inclusive teams within the context of the competitive framework of the Games and the relevant selection criteria. As part of this inclusivity, MAI aims to make adjustments for, or accommodate, special individual circumstances – including for example (and without limitation) injury and other disability, mental health, family commitments and professional commitments – when it is reasonably practicable to do so.

MAI may refuse a person's application at any stage of the selection process, or revoke the person's membership of the Team, if (as a result of their individual circumstances) the person has particular needs that MAI considers it cannot safely and reasonably meet.

Please describe any special circumstances that are relevant to you that mean you might need MAI to make adjustments or accommodations for you if you are selected and become a Team Member, and if possible also describe the adjustments or accommodation/s you anticipate that you might need. Submit these responses in the acknowledgment section of the Application form.