2024 Elite Athlete Travel Subsidy


Mon 01 Jan 2024 00:00 — Fri 20 Dec 2024 00:00

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Registration for this event closes at Fri 20 Dec 2024 00:00.

Elite Athlete Travel Subsidy


The La Trobe Elite Athlete Program supports the University’s vision to be the ‘University of choice for Sport’ and fulfils our obligation as a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) National Network; a program established by the Australian Sports Commission.

The program applies to elite athletes who are students currently enrolled at La Trobe, as determined under eligibility criteria stipulated the University.

The La Trobe Elite Athlete Travel Subsidy has been established to support student athletes in pursuit of their sporting endeavours, whilst undertaking tertiary study. Funding is available to currently enrolled students who are recognised as members of the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program (LEAP). The Elite Athlete Travel Subsidy and Elite Athlete Equipment Subsidy sit under the Elite Athlete Support Fund (EASF).


The Elite Athlete Travel Subsidy aims to provide financial support to our athletes in the form of one-off grants towards the costs incurred to the athlete associated with elite competition. Athletes can apply to the fund via submission of an application form via Revolutionise at any point during the year.

Applicants may only receive funding from the fund once per calendar year, except for when a student athlete is competing at an international FISU World University Games or Championship event in that same year. In this instance, students will be eligible for funding through the fund for the FISU event, and for a ‘standard’ Elite Athlete Subsidy application.

The level of funding an athlete will receive will be assessed in reflection of the representative level and location of competition. Students can receive up to $2000 for international competition, with tiered funding beneath this for domestic and local competition.

Student athletes competing at FISU World University Games or Championship events are eligible for up to $2000 dependent on location of event and costs associated.

All funding will be paid as a reimbursement, following the completion of competition, and submission proof of payment for flights, registration and accommodation.

The Elite Athlete Travel Subsidy applications will be reviewed and approved/denied on a monthly basis throughout 2024.

Guidelines & Eligibility 

1 - Athletes must be recognised on the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program to be eligible to apply.

2 - The Elite Athlete Support Fund will only cover expenses associated with:

  • Flights to and from the competition location
  • Accommodation for the duration of the competition
  • Travel insurance costs
  • Event/competition registration costs

3 - Application does not result in guaranteed funding; all applications will be assessed individually with preference given to athletes representing at international competition.

4 - All funding will be paid on a reimbursement basis, following the completion of the competition - at this time students must be enrolled (Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes may be eligible if on Leave of Absence).

5 - Athletes must provide proof of payment for the reimbursement, such as accommodation, flights and or registration.

6 - Athletes may only receive funding from the EASF once per calendar year (exemptions apply for competition in FISU World University events).

For best chance of receiving a travel subsidy, athletes must tick off one or more of the following:

1 - Assist with the La Trobe University media, marketing and research studies (e.g. surveys, interviews and photoshoots) to support the Elite Athlete Program.

2 - Represent La Trobe University at UniSport Nationals and/or World University Games in 2023/24.

3 - Support/engage in La Trobe Sport events (e.g. Open Day, Blues Awards, UBL Games etc.) to assist in the promotion of the Elite Athlete Program.

4 - Participate in strength and conditioning and/or nutrition sessions organised by La Trobe Sport.

5 - Attend student wellbeing, professional development and educational events organised by the Elite Athlete Program.

6 - Actively utilise on-campus Sport Centre (Bundoora/Bendigo) Membership.

7 - Participate with La Trobe Sport affiliated clubs, e.g. speeches, coaching, interviews etc.

8 - Participate with the La Trobe Sport Performance Hub as a speaker for the Elite Athlete Presentation.

9 - Actively participate, engage and communicate with the Elite Athlete Coordinator.