See the below for a range of FAQs we get regarding the Elite Athlete Program here at La Trobe. 

1. Do I have to play a particular sport?

No, the Elite Athlete Program at La Trobe University supports athletes from a wide range of sports. We welcome athletes from individual and team sports at both national (AIS endorsed) and international levels (both AIS endorsed and non-AIS endorsed).

2. Do I have to play for La Trobe?

No, you do not have to play for a La Trobe sport club or La Trobe Uni Nationals squad to be part of the Elite Athlete Program. Athletes competing for external clubs or teams are also eligible for the program.

3. Do I have to study at La Trobe?

Yes, to be part of the Elite Athlete Program, you must be a current student at La Trobe University.

4. Do I have to be enrolled in a particular course?

No, there is no requirement to be enrolled in a specific course. The program is open to students from all faculties and courses at La Trobe University.

5. Do I have to study full time?

No, you do not have to study full time to be part of the program. The Elite Athlete Program accommodates both full-time and part-time students.

6. When can I apply?

Applications for the Elite Athlete Program are open throughout the year. However, it is recommended to apply at the beginning of your academic year or semester to maximise the support you receive.

7. Do I have to be on a specific campus?

No, you can be studying at any of La Trobe's campuses and still be eligible for the Elite Athlete Program.

8. What support do I get whilst on the Program?

Participants in the Elite Athlete Program receive a range of support services, including flexible study arrangements, academic support, access to high-performance training facilities, and assistance with balancing academic and sporting commitments.

9. Do I have to pay to be part of the Program?

No, there is no additional cost to be part of the Elite Athlete Program. The support services provided are designed to assist you in achieving both your academic and athletic goals without any extra financial burden.

10. How do I apply for the Elite Athlete Program?

To apply for the Elite Athlete Program, you need to complete an online application form detailing your sporting achievements and current athletic commitments. Supporting documentation, such as a reference from your national or state sporting body, will also be required. After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by the Elite Athlete Program committee, and you will be notified of the outcome.

All other enquiries can be sent to: eliteathletes@latrobe.edu.au