Alumni Page

For almost 20 years the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program has been enabling talented athletes to excel in sport, university and life. The alumni group provides current and former athletes with a continued connection to La Trobe and stay involved as part of the LTU family! 

This page is dedicated to celebrating and connecting the individuals who have graduated from La Trobe University's Elite Athlete Program. As a member of this elite group, you are part of a legacy of excellence, determination, and achievement both on and off the field! 

Here, you can create your own alumni profile, share your journey, and stay connected with fellow athletes who have walked a similar path. Join our LinkedIn community to network, exchange insights, and explore new opportunities. Read inspiring stories and updates from other alumni, and see how the skills and experiences gained during your time at university continue to shape successful careers and lives.

Stay connected, stay inspired, and continue to shine as part of our proud alumni community.