Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

NEW MEMBERS - If you are new to the game (Junior and Senior) , don't forget to order your Starter Kit in the Shop, consisting of a helmet, glove and bag for $30.  $20 extra for 12.5" glove.


  • If you don't know your Softball ID number, please contact
  • If you register without your Softball ID,  you may create a duplicate record and you may pay more for registration than you need to.


  • If you wish to change clubs permanently, you need to request a CLEARANCE.
  • If you want to change clubs temporarily, you need to request a PERMIT.
  • A CLEARANCE or PERMIT will need to be approved by the Origin Club and the Destination Club.
  • In order to request a CLEARANCE or PERMIT you must first be registered with a HOME CLUB ('Origin club')
  • Once CLEARANCE OR PERMIT is approved via email, you will be directed to the Destination Club's website to complete registration.

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