Starter Playing kit

To start playing softball, you will need access to a bat, glove, helmet, and shin pads.

It is highly recommended to purchase your own well fitting helmet, softball glove, and shin pads before the season starts. Most new players will choose to share one of the bats in the team kit rather than purchase their own bat from the outset. Try out a few bats and see what feels right for you.

Check back again soon for some useful resources to help you find the correct softball glove and bat. In the meantime, here are some helpful guides from Red Stitches:

How to select a softball glove

Bat size guide

Batting helmet size guide

All 'new to the game' FAS members can order a Starter Kit from our Shop.  The Starter Kit includes a Bag, Glove (9.5", 10.5" or 11.5"), and Helmet for $30 (rrp $80).   New Senior players may need a 12.5" Glove, which incurs an additional $20  (size options are in the shop)


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