Softball is an inclusive team sport and the MWSA competition has a grade and team to cater for every player.


Formats of the game

Ages 3+ : Blastball This is a free program for preschoolers which introduces the basics of softball (fielding, catching, throwing, batting and running) to young children.  No complex rules, no teams and no personal equipment required.
Ages 5+: Teeball Building on blastball, teams are formed for girls and boys to continue learning this fun sport. Batters hit off a Tee. There is no live pitching.
Ages 10+: Modball A bridge between Teeball and Softball, with modified rules.  Live pitching is introduced however a Tee will still be used if there has been no hit off the live pitch.
Ages 12+/women: Softball From 12+ the full regulation format of softball is played.
Social: Slow Pitch A slower pitch version of softball is played on a Friday evening providing opportunities for ladies to learn softball skills in a social setting during the week. Mixed formats are also played from time to time, allowing the whole family to join in. 

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