Resources and Policies

The Hunter Hurricanes and our members and officials will be bound by, and comply with, the following Water Polo Australia policies and codes.

Should a member have a concern that relates to any of the above/below policies, codes and resources:

  • Speak to your coach in the first instance, unless the issue is about the coach, in which case speak with the coaching coordinator ( or one of the board
  • The coach can then either resolve it if it's simple or refer it to the board via the coaching coordinator if it isn't. The coach/coordinator will document the matter, and send it through to the board for review.
  • If the matter is something that should not be resolved locally, we work out where it all fits and advise next steps
  • If the matter involves player safety/member protection, review Water Polo Australia Member Protection Policy and connect with our Member Protection Officers (Col Irvine and Mick O'Brien
  • If the matter relates to non-financial players, review the policy below and contact

This page contains relevant links and resources for our members.