Volunteers are the backbone of taekwondo and contribute significantly to club communities and events. Without a committed volunteer workforce, Taekwondo in Australia would not be able to run. Becoming a volunteer is a fantastic way to give back to the taekwondo community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Volunteering is about giving your time and energy without expecting monetary compensation. It's a way to contribute to the wellbeing of others and create positive change. Whether you're volunteering in your local club, a state event, or an international competition, your efforts can have a meaningful impact.

Australian Taekwondo NSW is always open to new people putting their hand up to volunteer and help out. We encourage players, parents, friends and family of affiliated clubs to consider how they can get involved to assist Australian Taekwondo NSW in its programs, events and everyday operations. All volunteer roles are flexible, to ensure that everyday schedules are worked around for our volunteers.

Please complete the below contact form to express your interest in giving back to our community and working with Australian Taekwondo NSW. We will then be in touch with more information to learn more about the specific role(s) that you are interested in.

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Volunteer Membership

Individuals can register for a free volunteer membership with one of our affiliated clubs. This provides you with official State and National Membership and Insurance Coverage for all volunteer activities that you are involved with. To find an affiliated club today, please click below

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