Becoming an official in taekwondo, such as a referee or judge, allows you to contribute to the integrity and fairness of competitions while also being actively involved in the martial art you love. Being an official requires dedication, knowledge, and a commitment to fair play. It can be a fulfilling role that allows you to contribute to the taekwondo community and play an essential part in the development and success of athletes as well as the opportunity to travel and meet new people.

Officiating in both Sparring and Poomsae is an integral aspect of Taekwondo’s success and allows our athletes to have the opportunity to participate in State Events, Competitions and Programs. Referees in both aspects of Taekwondo competition receive access to detailed training and knowledge development from State, National and International Referees. As such, Australian Taekwondo NSW with our affiliated clubs provides a pathway from grassroots to Olympic Level officiating for our Members.

Australian Taekwondo NSW work closely with Australian Taekwondo to ensure training and experience opportunities are in place, so those whom ultimately wish to officiate at the highest levels are prepared to successfully undertake World Taekwondo qualification courses. 

Our aim is to work in conjunction with the Australian Taekwondo to create suitable pathways for development and advancement of referee standard and knowledge in both Poomsae and Sparring officiating. Our objective is to develop a strong base of State Referees, while advancing the overall officiating standard of Western Australian Referees through interaction with appropriate training providers.

Australian Taekwondo NSW hold regular courses which are a fantastic opportunity for new referees to become involved. We encourage individuals to connect with us today to learn more about referee opportunities with Australian Taekwondo NSW below:

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