Australian Scooter Association


The Australasian Scooter Association is a not-for-profit organisation. The ASA is here to help support the sport of Scooter and its industry by giving all riders of all abilities equal opportunities and chance to contribute to the sport. 

The Australasian Scooter Association was developed to organise the sport of freestyle scooter in Australia 

Why did we create the ASA?

  1. To give all people, no matter their level, a platform to help grow their skills and become a part of this sport.  The industry itself, specifically the vendors, have been funding the growth of the sport over the past few years. The determining factor if a rider can enter a competition, in the Australian Championships  should not be whether or not a sponsor is paying for the trip.
  2. Scooter has developed in Australia over the last 5 years as a valid sport, however it is not "recognized" as a sport in the context of the Australian Government Sporting Framework. This must change if the sport is to continue to grow and prosper. With formal government recognition of Scooter as a sport comes structural and financial support.

The ASA Committee welcome all forms of support to further promote and grow the sport of Scooter in Australia.

First step is to become a member of the ASA by clicking the registration tab.



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