Wests Group Macarthur Membership Application

Wests Group - Membership Application form

Wests Hockey would love all our members to join Wests Group Macarthur, Leumeah. We realise juniors are unable to join so we look to parents to please step up. 

As part of our sponsorship with Wests Campbelltown, we are required to give a list of current members of their club for Grant review. It's a small ask for our members to give back to the Wests Group as their sponsorship allows Wests Hockey to subsidise playing fees.

Please download, print and complete the application form and take to any of the Wests group partners - Lakeside, Country Club, Tennis or Leagues Club. 
Or you can complete an application form when you apply at the desk. It'll take just a few minutes!

Costs are - 1 year = $8.00,    3 years = $18.00 and 5 years = $20.00


Thank you!


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