Wrestling SA is the governing body for Freestyle, Women's, and Greco-Roman Wrestling in South Australia.

As an organisation, our mission is to develop wrestling throughout the state, including Freestyle, Women's, and Greco-Roman Wrestling, as well as non-Olympic Beach Wrestling, SAMBO, and other grappling styles that incorporate wrestling principles. We aim to promote broad participation and excellence in Olympic Wrestling in South Australia. By supporting coaches and officials, we take on a leadership role within the wrestling community, facilitating program coordination and activities across different states.

“Our aim is to provide opportunities for South Australians to participate in wrestling as a World Class sport”

Our goal is to offer South Australians the opportunity to engage in wrestling as a world-class sport. We welcome individuals of all ages and genders to immerse themselves in the world of wrestling and experience this incredible sport. Our aim is to provide every South Australian with the chance to engage in wrestling and witness its world-class status.

If you're interested in trying wrestling or have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation. If you're ready to embark on a wrestling journey or want to learn more, we're here for you!