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New to Softball ? There are some details below to help - 


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  2. Contact us with your query if you still have a question/s



Why not come down to a training night meet the coaches & players! Our players have varied levels of experience in all age groups (From first timers to experienced state level players). Training is FOR ALL!

You can ask questions and/or join in and have some fun. We have spare gloves for first timers so you can have a try and play a game before you commit. You dont need a uniform to train so why not come down, bring a friend (or friends). If you decide to join Wenty Waratahs, all our junior players will be issued a FREE new glove as a first time player with the club.

Training Ground Location - Ted Burge Sports Ground , 57 Centenary Rd, Merrylands NSW 2160

Training Days and Times - (Weather Pending - Cancellations will be advised on social media - Facebook/Instagram)

Age Group (As of December 31st year prior)

Day and Time


 Under 8's TBA TBA
 Under 10's TBA TBA
 Under 12's TBA TBA
 Under 14's TBA TBA
 School Girls (14 to 17) TBA TBA
 Mixed Youth (14 to 19) TBA TBA
 Junior Boys (10 to 14)  TBA TBA
 A grade / A Reserve (Women only 12 and up) TBA TBA
 Men (15 and up) TBA TBA
 Mixed (14 and up) TBA TBA
 B Grade  (13+ Adult Teams) TBA TBA

NOTE: Training is every week


Registering with the club will allow you to play in the Cumberland Nepean Softball Association (CNSA) competition. 

1. Senior - (all players 18+)

2. Juniors - (players between 13 and 17)

3. Sub Juniors - (players between 7 and 12)

4. Benny (Blast Ball) -  (T-Ball) - (players between 3 and 6)

5. Blast Ball (ages 3 to 5)  - This is a non competative 30 minute fun play session on saturdays for kids to learn basic hitting catching and running skills

Registration costs for 2023/24 Season

  • For Seniors the cost is $225
  • For Juniors it will cost of $150  (The government active kids voucher can be used to cover $50 of this cost - reducing cost to $100)
  • For Sub Juniors the cost is $125 (The government active kids voucher can be used to cover $50 of this cost - reducing cost to $75)
  • For Benny the cost is $60 (The government active kids voucher can be used to cover $50 of this cost - reducing cost to $10)
  • For those participating in Blastball the cost is $15
  • For Non Playing Officials the cost is $45
  • For off Diamond Membership the cost is $17

Active Kids Voucher

The NSW Government  has the Active Kids porgram that is helping kids to get active. Parents can get an active kids voucher (Worth $50) from ServicesNSW. This voucher can then be used to pay for your childs registration .To find out more about getting your Active Kids vouchers, click here.

Once you have registered, a club member will contact you to advise your team/training times/game times and uniform.


You can select at the time of registration for a particular team, however if you are not sure, you can select please contact me (Or we will contact you if you make no/unusual selection).

Teams for 2023/24 Season

  • Thursday weeknights Home Run Heroes - (Stanhope Gardens Grounds)
  • Friday Night (Stanhope Gardens Grounds)
    • Mens Fast Pitch (14+) - This is fast pitch softball for Men 
    • (NEW) Mens Slow Pitch (14+) - This is slow pitch softball for men (ideal for beginners) 
  • Saturday All Day  (Internation Peace Park Grounds)
    • Benny / Blast Ball (3-4) - This is introductory skills training for 3-4 year olds that is run for 30 minutes. (Hitting, Catching, Throwing & Running bases)
    • Under 8 T-Ball - This is on Diamond softball, batting off of a static T
    • Under 10 T-Ball - This is on Diamond soft, batting off of static T
    • Under 12 Mixed - This is mixed boys and girls live pitching competition
    • Under 14 Girls - This is girls live pitching competition
    • Junior boys for 10-14 - This is a boys live pitching competition
    • School Girls for 14-17 - This is a girls live pitching competition
    • Mixed Youth 14-19 - This is a mixed boys and girls live pitching competition
    • Womens B-Grade 12+ - This is 12 and over (Any age) live pitching competition (B-Grade standard)
    • Mixed Slow Pitch 14+ - This is a slow pitch compeition (Good for beginners) mixed boys and girls
  • Saturday Afternoon (Stanhope Gardens Grounds)
    • Womens A Reserve 12+ - This is a live pitch experienced players competition
    • Womens A Grade 12+ - This is a live pitch experienced players competion (HIghest standard)



Once you are registered you will need a uniform to play. A uniform policy is in place for all Clubs and Associations affiliated with CNSA.

Our club has most uniform items and sizes in stock, we can coordinate with you to try on a uniform and get a size to suit. We are able to order items in, in the event we don't have your size or what you are after.

The required uniform to play is

  • Juniors - Playing Pants ($45) or Shorts ($20) - Whichever you would prefer
  • Juniors - Playing Shirt ($40) 

  • Adults Pants & Shirts ($50)

  • Socks ($10)

  • Caps ($10), Visors ($25), or Bucket hat ($20) - Whichever you would prefer



The season for 2023/24 starts on the first weekend in October (Friday 6th/Saturday 7th). It will be a 15 week season with Finals rounds. 

  • Rounds (1 to 11) - 6th October through to 20th December 2023 
  • Rounds (12 to 15) - 31st January through to 3rd Februrary 2024
  • Finals will be the first 3 weekends in March 2024
  • Grand Finals Saturday 16th March 2024 - Backup weekend of 23rd March 2024

Games are played at the same location and timeslot every week to make it easy for parents & players to coordinate their time commitments. (See teams details above)


All junior games are played at Internation Peace Park (Seven Hills) - This is for all age groups U8, U10, U12, U14, School Girls, Mixed Youth & Junior Boys.

To access International Peace Park - you drive down a laneway between houses located at 60 Jean Street, Seven Hills, NSW 2147. Follow the laneway around to the right and follow it to the end, you will see the Association Clubhouse. Parking is right along this laneway. The playing grounds are straight across a pedestrian bridge from this clubhouse.


B Grade, Mixed 3 and 4 are played at International Peace Park.

All other senior games are played at Stanhope Softball grounds - This location is used for Over 35, A Grade, A reserve, Mens and Mixed 1 and 2 teams.

Stanhope Softball grounds are located at 50 Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope, NSW 2768.


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