Race Series for Primary and Secondary School Students

Townsville Road Runners Junior Race Series

Note: - the new start time for the Junior Races.  Most Junior races will start at 6.30 am except for some which will be displayed on the calendar

The Junior race cources will be available soon.

Safe and supervised courses.  Parents are encouraged to assist the TRR volunteers who organise each race and can run with their child.  In the interests of safety, the care givers of any junior that will be under 10 years old at 31 December 2017 must get Presidents approval prior to becoming a member and the care giver may be requested to ensure that someone runs with the child.

 Contact:- For any enquiries contact Coleen Newnham by sending an e-mail or by calling 0400 550 616 

Cost: - is $6 for non-members or $3 for members of Townsville Road Runners.  The junior runs usually commence at 7.30 am, but check the calendar below for variations.

Points: - are awarded for each race. To be eligible for the series, runners must complete at least 60% of the junior races.

Points per race for age group placings
1st :- 5 points
2nd :- 4 points
3rd :- 3 points
4th :- 2 points
All other placings :- 1 point

Age Groups :- Boys and Girls (Ages groups based on age at 31 December)
11 years and under
12-13 years 
14-15 years 
16-17 years

Ages will be taken as of the 31st December. That is the age you will be turning during the YEAR. If you are 12 years in March but your birthday is in July then you are in the 13 years age group. 

The minimum age to compete is generally 10 years. That is you must become 10 years old in that year.   However, you can request approval to run from the President if your child is younger and the President will consider ability, fitness level and whether anyone will be running with the child.  Any child under this age who has been approved for registration will be included in the 11 years and under age group for trophies/medals at prizegiving.  Parents must run with this child and is soley responsible for them at any club run/race.

Any registered Junior can run in the short course on the Saturdays that are not a designated as Junior Races.  However, a responsible carer or adult must run with the child on these occassions particularly because a run may involve trails, unfamiliar places and may involve road crossings.  It is the carers responsiblity and not the clubs responsibility to ensure this happens.  The results for any junior competing in other than the short course will not count towards the junior age group trophies.

This year, the junior trophy and adult presentations will both be held together in either October or November.