Artistic Swimming WA Incorporated

2023 National Championships Schedule


Saturday 8th April - HBF

Team Manager Meeting 7:30am 8:00am
Judge Competition Briefing 7:30am 8:15am
Particpants can enter the pool facility  7:30am  
12& Under Figure Warm Up 8.00am 8.30am
12& Under Figure Marshaling  8.30am 8.40am
12 & Under Figures  8.40am 9.25am
Youth Figures Warm Up 9.25am 9.55am
Youth Figures Marshalling  9.55am 10.05am
Youth figures  10.05am 12:25pm
Displays 12:30pm 12.45pm
Judge Briefing  12.45pm 1.15pm
Water practice  12.45pm 7.15pm
Close of day 7.15pm  


Sunday 9th April - HBF

Participants can enter the pool 7.30am  
Team Manager meeting 7:45am 8:15am
Judge Meeting 8.00am 8.20am
Marshaling of Opening ceremony 8.20am 8.35am
Opening Ceremonies Walk On 8.35am 8.45am
Speeches & Anthem 8.45am 9.30am
Displays 9.30am 9.40am
Technical Solo Warm up/ Judge Briefing 9.40am 10.00am
Technical Solo Marshaling 10.00am 10.10am
Solo Tech Junior 10.10am 10.35am
Solo Tech Senior 10.35am 10.49am
Solo Tech Masters 18-39 10.49am 10.52am
Solo Tech Masters 40+ 10.52am 10.55am
Duet Tech & Duet Free 18-39 Warm up/ Judge Briefing 10.55am 11.15am
Duet Tech & Duet Free 18-39 Marshaling 11.15am 11.25am
Duet Tech Senior 11.25am 11.41am
Duet Tech Junior 11.41am 12.05pm
Duet Tech Masters 18-39 12.05pm 12.08pm
Duet Free Masters 18-39 12.08pm 12.14pm
Team Tech Warm up/ Judges Briefing/ Judges Lunch 12.15pm 12.35pm
Team Tech Marshaling 12.35pm 12.45pm
Team Tech Masters 40+ 12.45pm 12.48pm
Team Tech Masters 18-39 12.48pm 12.51pm
Team Tech Senior 12.51pm 1.06pm
Team Tech Junior 1.06pm 1.21pm
Team 12U & Youth warm up / Judge Briefing 1.25pm 1.45pm
Team 12U & Youth Marshaling/ Display 1.45pm 1.55pm
Team 12 and Under 1.55pm 2.13pm
Team Youth 2.13pm 2.38pm
Awards (Figures & all Technical routines) 2.40pm 3.05pm
Team free Junior warm up/ Judge Briefing 3.05pm 3.25pm
Team free Junior Marshaling 3.25pm 3.35pm
Team Free Junior 3.35pm 4.10pm
Solo Youth & Solo Free Masters Warm up/ Judge Briefing 4.10pm 4.30pm
Solo Youth & Solo Free Masters Marshaling 4.30pm 4.40pm
Solo Youth 4.40pm 5.22pm
Solo Free Masters & Senior Wamup/ Judge briefing 5.22pm 5.42pm
Solo Free Masters & Senior Marshaling 5.42pm 5.52pm
Solo Free Masters 18-39 5.52pm 6.00pm
Solo Free Masters 18-39 Male 6.00pm 6.04pm
Solo Free Masters 40+ 6.04pm 6.08pm
Solo Free Snr 6.08pm 6.20pm
Close of Day 6.30pm  


Monday 10th April - HBF

Participants can enter the pool facility 7:30am  
Judge Meeting 7.45am 8.30am
Team Manager Meeting 7:45am 8:30am
Solo Jnr & 12 & Under Warm up 8.00am 8.20am
Solo Jnr & 12 & Under Marshaling 8.20am 8.30am
Solo Jnr 8.30am 8.58am
Solo 12 & Under 8.58am 9.25am
Combo Youth Warm up/ Judge briefing 9.25am 9.45am
Combo Youth Marshaling 9.45am 9.55am
Youth Combo 9.55am 10.25am
Awards- Team 12&U,Youth, Junior, Solos 10.30am 10.50am
Duet Free Junior Warm Up/ Judge Breifing 10.50am 11.10am
Duet Free Junior Marshaling 11.10am 11.20am
Duet Free Junior 11.10am 12.00pm
Duet Mixed, Senior, Masters, Disability Warm up / Judge Briefing/ Lunch Break 12.00pm 12.20pm
Duet Mixed ,Senior, Masters Disability Marshaling 12.20pm 12.30pm
Duet Free Mixed Youth 12.30pm 12.38pm
Duet Free Senior 12.38pm 1.02pm
Duet Free Disability Masters 18-39 1.02pm 1.06pm
Duet Free Youth Warm Up/ Judge Briefing 1.06pm 1.26pm
Duet Free Youth Marshaling 1.26pm 1.36pm
Duet Youth 1.36pm 2.32pm
Duet 12& Under Warm up/ Judge Briefing 2.32pm 2.52pm
Duet 12& Under Marshaling 2.52pm 3.02pm
Duet 12 & Under 3.02pm 3.42pm
Team Free Masters,Snrs, Free age Team, Acrobatic Warm up/ Judge Briefing 3.42pm 4.02pm
Team Free Masters,Snrs, Free age Team, Acrobatic Marshaling 4.02pm 4.12pm
Team Free Masters 18-39 4.12pm 4.17pm
Team Free Masters 40+ 4.17pm 4.22pm
Free Age Team 4.22pm 4.27pm
Free Team Seniors 4.27pm 4.32pm
Acrobatic Routine 4.32pm 4.42pm
Awards-all remaining awards 4.50pm 5.15pm
Closing Ceremony Marshaling 5.15pm 5.30pm
Closing Ceremony & Club Trophy 5.30pm 6.00pm
Close of day 6.30pm