South Brisbane Indoor Hockey Association INC (SBIHA) (Vipers)


The Game

An indoor hockey team comprises a maximum of 12 players, with only five field players plus one fully-kitted goalkeeper per team allowed on the field at any one time and up to six substitutes. The field of play is smaller than field hockey, and is played on a hard surface, with boards along the sidelines that prevent the ball from going out of play at the side. 

Indoor hockey equipment:

  • Indoor hockey stick (lighter and thinner than field hockey and designed to minimise damage to the hard surface of the sporting complex).
  • Indoor hockey ball (lighter in weight than field hockey ball)
  • Goalkeeper gear is the same as field hockey, however with an indoor hockey stick.

The game duration is typically played in two halves, each half is 18 minutes in duration. 

Two indoor hockey umpires oversee the rules of the game. Umpires are assigned based upon the capability required to manage the game to ensure the safety of players and equity of play.

The Association

South Brisbane Indoor Hockey (Vipers) started in 2013, as an initiative of South Brisbane Eagles Hockey Club Inc. located in the Mansfield, Mt Gravatt and Mackenzie area of Brisbane.  The Club has a long association with the Mt Gravatt Youth and Recreation Club Inc who manage the sporting facilities at FR Caterson Park, Mansfield.

In 2019, South Brisbane Indoor Hockey became its own not-for profit Incorporated Sporting Association, operating independently from South Brisbane Eagles Hockey Club Inc. 

South Brisbane Indoor Hockey Association aims to:

  • promote, control, foster, encourage and participate in the games of field hockey and indoor hockey and other such games approved by Queensland Hockey and the enjoyment thereof;
  • promote the economic and community success, strength and stability of the Association, the Members and the games of field hockey and indoor hockey in Queensland;
  • promote and actively support similar organisations (including through the provision of gifts) which can benefit from an association with, and assistance from, the Association;
  • foster and develop the games of field hockey and indoor hockey and encourage good fellowship, friendship, fair play and sportsmanship amongst all members, supporters and other associated organisations;
  • undertake any other activity that provides benefit to the community to ensure that the Association can fulfil its objects.

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