Summer 23/24

Summer 23/24


Registrations for Summer 23/24 is open. WPQ will also be sending out registration invite emails - please use that or the following link to register:

2023/24 Rivercity Membership

On the registration page you will find several membership categories:

  • Platinum - Junior & Senior players and/or coaches that participate in competitions & informal events - $190,
  • Gold – Coaches & Referees only - $59,
  • Bronze Free – Team Manager, Table Official, Club Administrator, Volunteer or Supporter - $0,

If the Bronze Free or Gold category has been selected that is the end of the registration process – simply complete the demographic questions & checkout.

If Platinum was selected this will take you to the next page where membership add-on options can be found. If you’ve already joined another club for the 23/24 Season, the $190 platinum capitation fee will be deducted from your River City Water Polo (RCWP) fee prior to checkout. Here you will find the following options:

  • Junior 1st RCWP Team - $595
  • Junior 1st RCWP Team (Discounted EOI rate -only applicable to EOI registrants) - $470*
  • Junior 2nd RCWP Team - $200**
  • Premier League - $0***

*The Discounted EOI option should only be selected if you registered for this prior to 1/9/23. An invoice for $125 will be manually issued if you selected this option where you were not entitled to do so.

**This applies to a 2nd RCWP Team & should only be selected in conjuction with the 1st RCWP Team ($595) option. Players who are members of other clubs pay the $595 for their first RCWP team, then the $200 option for a 2nd RCWP team. Again, an invoice for the difference will be issued if this option was incorrectly selected.

***This is for those senior players representing RCWP at the Delfina Premier League in Term 4. An add-on option for Term 1 Senior A grade will be published after Christmas.

Don't forget about the Club Trials - Sunday 10th September

Following significant pre-season interest in the club, we expect to be entering multiple teams in each age group.  As we anticipate fielding 'A' or 'Div 1' teams in most age groups, we will be conducting trials which will be held Sunday 10th September at Somerville pool between 11am & 6pm.  See here for trials details.  Age-based sessions will cover swimming, skills and game trials.  

If nominating for multiple age groups, the swim and skills trial will only be completed once for the youngest age group that you are nominating for.  You are however invited to participate in the game trial for each additional age group you are considering.  

Please keep in mind that BWPI rules prevent players representing multiple clubs in the same age division (ie, if you are playing U13 for your school you cannot play U13 for a club - you'll need to nominate for higher or lower ages).  When allocating players to teams, coaches will take into consideration performance in trials as well as at training & prior seasons competitions.  

Pre-Season Training will be held on Wednesday (13th September) and Thursday (14th September) at 6.15pm-8pm at Marist College Ashgrove. You will be notified of which evening to attend on Sunday 10th September during your trial.

Capitation Explained

The capitation amount of $190 is paid to Water Polo Australia (WPA)/Water Polo Queensland (WPQ) and covers the various insurances etc as well as contributing to the high-level administrative costs of running the sport at State & National levels. It is only paid once per year so if you have primary registration with another club, the capitation amount will be automatically deducted from your selected registration option leaving you with the club fee only as the balance payable.

Primary & Secondary Club Registration

You are required to nominate a primary club as part of the registration process & this is typically the 1st club you join after registration opens on the 1st September. While not normally exercised, your primary club has the power to limit your ability to represent other clubs at National & State events (AYC & Qld State Titles). RCWP is committed to juniors being able to play for whoever they like at these events and while we’d love our players to represent us all the time, we would never veto a player from representing another club. Please consider this when registering your primary club.

Summer Season Training  - Somerville House & Marist College Ashgrove

RCWP members enjoy many benefits. Midweek training is held at Marist College Ashgrove during the regular summer season (Wednesday/Thursday evenings 6.15pm to 8pm), with Sunday afternoon sessions being held at Somerville Aquatic Centre (1.5 hour timeslot between 2pm and 5pm). Not limited to having a great time in and around the pool over summer, RCWP members have access to various competitions & training events throughout the year & many of these events are offered at discounted rates for members to participate. However, when registering for these it is important to register as the member, not the parent. Many of the discount codes are designated as ‘Members Only’ and do not work for guest registrations.

Summer Competition

BWPI will release a Draft Games Schedule on 22 September 2023 & the Grading Games Schedule on 2 October 2023.

Season Grading Games: 7 October 2023 – 14 October 2023

Pre-Christmas Games: Rounds 1 – 5 (Term 4 2023) 21 October 2023 – 18 November 2023

Post Christmas Games: Rounds 6 – 10 (Term 1 2024) 3 February 2024 – 2 March 2024

Finals Playoff Bracket 9 March 2024 – 23 March 2024

It is always best to check BWPI Fixtures for the most up to date game time and venue. 


Looking forward to seeing you around the pool deck in the very near future.

Please contact if you have any questions or issues with registration or trials.

Please note the training times may changes slightly depending on players numbers and available pool space.

Table Officials Training (for parents)

Water Polo Australia have published a Table Officials Teaching Manual. Click here to access.

Water Polo Queensland have produced a 5 minute How to Table Officials Video. Click here to access