Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Players in ALL Hockey Clubs are required to complete online registration for Hockey Australia, Hockey Queensland, and their local hockey association, as this is a national requirement stipulated by Hockey Australia. This involves payment of Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland player levy. Players are also required to register for their Club and pay Club fees.

Redlands  Hockey Association Players

Redlands Hockey Association asks that all families contribute to volunteering and as part of the registration payment of a Volunteer Bond of $50 per player (capped at $100 per family that are registered at the same address is required.  Details of fees is in the attachment to this page.

When registering, the following should be noted:

  • You are not required that you log into the revolutioniseSport portal first.  If you have registered to play Hockey in the past, please use the RETURNING MEMBER option.  If new, please use the NEW MEMBER option.
  • For individual players or the first / second member of a family group, please include the relevant Redlands Hockey registration class.  This includes the required HQ/HA fees and the volunteer bond levy. 
  • If you have more than 2 family members, please contact for a discount code for subsequent family members.  This will avoid payment of the volunteer bond for subsequent family members. 
  • If you have a fair play voucher - please email Kylie at for instructions on registration.

In choosing the relevant registration, please note the following:

  • Each competition / registration add-on allows a pay now or pay later option.  If you select the pay later option, you will be invoiced separately by the club. 
  • All BHA / BWHA Teams will be invoiced separately by the club.  You will be contacted separately once teams are selected for procedures for registration.  
  • Where there is need, there are available upon request player fee payment plans. These do not include initial registration levy payments to HA/HQ peak bodies. The RHA sign on deposit and HA/HQ fees needs to be paid prior to taking the field.
  • If you have any registration enquires or prefer to utilise a payment plan option, please contact Claire at

Logan Hockey Association Players

Please select the relevant HQ/HA only registration levy.  This will avoid a payment of the Redlands Hockey Association volunteer levy as not required for Logan Hockey participants.

You will only be required to pay HQ/HA fees on registration.



Message from this national platform operator; please be aware that there is additional fees for online payments (via PIN Payments) per transaction. This covers payment gateway services plus ongoing maintenance, development and integration of the revSPORT payment system.

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