Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

2023/24 SEASON


Welcome to the 2023/24 Season!


Pool Pirates are excited to announce that registrations are now open for the upcoming season. If you plan on playing this season you must ensure you have registered and paid your registration fee’s prior to taking the water.


If you are coming back to play with us again, please click RENEW.

Need help:

  1. Changed your email address since last season (PAST PLAYERS ONLY)? Call/text Rochelle (Registrar) on 0400 005451 to update.
  2. National ID Number - If you cannot find your number in past emails you will be prompted via email again to verify.
  3. Any other queries please let us know.


If you are joining for the first time, WELCOME. Click REGISTER.


NSW Active Kids Voucher: (18 & UNDER ONLY)

Service NSW provides two Active Kids Vouchers per year for 5-18 year olds

Please visit 

When registering for Pool Pirates, enter the voucher number without spaces and click to the side of the box to check validity.


Pool Membership: (SEASON PASS)

We have worked extremely hard to keep the costs of our sport manageable and the future of all our clubs viable. There’s a bit that the rest of us must do – take out a pool membership (season pass). Visit Albury, North Albury Pool or Waves to arrange your membership.


Pirates Junior Teams:

U14 Boys and Girls Born after 01/01/2010

U16 Boys and Girls Born after 01/01/2008


Pirates Senior Teams: 

Men and Women's A, B & C Grade


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