Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Thank you for joining the PickleBall Association of Western Australia Inc. (PAWA). PAWA is the state body representing Pickleball for Western Australia and is affiliated with Pickleball Australia Association Ltd [PAA] - the national representative body.

Your membership of PAWA will assist in the further development of Pickleball in Western Australia and enable actions to be taken by PAWA to enhance the Pickleball playing facilities within the State.

Learn more about the Benefits of Joining PAWA. Ordinary members will automatcially become a member of the PAA and as a valued Pickleball Australia member you will receive exclusive benefits from PAA partners.

Please select a relevant club at the bottom of the registrations form (e.g., Pickleball Bunbury) to ensure that your affiliations can be properly recorded. Be aware that currently, selection of a club does not include any membership application or fees for that club, and these may be charged separately by that organisation. Personal information you provide to PAWA may be provided to the club you select to facilitate appropriate records being maintained in both entities. 

Welcome to Pickleball in Western Australia.

(Please Note: Membership commences once your application has been accepted by the PAWA committee in accordance with PAWA Rules and Registration Terms. This may take several days and a notification will be sent to you once accepted.)

PAWA Chairperson.