Bike Hire - Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The hire (booking) fee is $110 per season for juniors, or $160 for seniors.

  • Summer Season: Ends 31 March. - (Traditional Track Season)
  • Winter Season: Ends 30 September. - (Traditional Road Season/RAW Track Season)


A $300 fully refundable bond is required to hire a bike.

All bikes are provided with new bar tape and a saddle with no tears. Please confirm that this is the case before accepting the bike.

Bikes should be returned at the end of the season;

  1. in working condition.
  2. with new bar tape still in packaging. -Our mechanic will take care of fitting it for you at no charge.
  3. with no tears in saddle.
  4. free of any visible webbing or significant slashes in the tyres.

Expenses required to restore the bike in working condition or to replace bar tape/saddle/tyres will be deducted from the bond. -Check the bargain bins at your local bike shop for bar tape throughout the season.