Class Information



For the safety of the Gymnasts and Coaches, all participants are required to wear the correct uniform to all classes. Gymnasts should wear tight fitting, stretchy athletic attire:

Recreational Classes

  • NBRG singlet/t-shirt OR plain singlet/t-shirt/leotard
  • Leggings, shorts or bike shorts
  • Socks (compulsory) or toe-shoes (optional)

Competitive Classes

  • NBRG singlet/t-shirt OR plain navy/black singlet/t-shirt/leotard
  • Black leggings, shorts or bike shorts
  • White socks (level 1 & 2 only)
  • Toe shoes (level 1 & 2 optional, Level 3+ compulsory)
  • Hair is to be neatly tied back in a pony tail or bun.
  • Gymnasts must arrive and depart in shoes & suitable outerwear such as a jumper/jacket in cooler weather


What to Bring

  • Drink bottle and light, mess-free snack.
  • Gymnasts in Level 5+ must bring a yoga/exercise mat for warm-up & stretching.
  • A yoga block is recommended for Gymnasts in Level 3+
  • Own apparatus is recommended but not compulsory


Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Parents/carers must supervise the Gymnast to ensure safe arrival and departure.
  • Gymnasts should be dropped off and picked up from the doors to the Hall rather than allow the Gymnast to walk to/from cars etc
  • Gymnasts should arrive 5minutes prior to their class commencing
  • For gymnasts who are in the latest session of the day, it is expected to finish 5-10 minutes late as they help pack-up the gym – putting away equipment, rolling up velcro strips, and flipping/rolling up the mats (older gymnasts only to pack away floor).  
  • Parents/carers who are delayed must contact another parent or Maddie to make arrangements for someone to remain with their child until they arrive.
  • In the instance of a delayed pick-up where a coach has to remain with the child, the first occasion will be waived as a courtesy. If it becomes ongoing a late pick up fee will be applied of $5 per 15min waiting.



  • Parents/Carers are welcome to spectate their childs lesson at this time.Please note, through experience, we have found spectators can soemtimes be distracting and that the Gymnasts do better without their parents present.
  • Parents who wish to wait for their childs lesson are reminded they can not walk around Beacon Hill Public School Campus and other children/siblings are not permitted to play on the outdoor play equipment at the school. There are benches outsite the Hall where parents can wait, drop off and return later is recommended.