Laps for Life Success

Published Fri 25 Mar 2022

For its third year, the Melbourne University Water Polo Club (MUPolo) is taking part in Reach Out Australia’s ‘Laps for Life’. In the name of youth mental health and suicide prevention, participants challenge themselves to test their limits in the pool and swim a set distance goal to complete across the month of March. During this time, swimmers also raise awareness and fundraise for Reach Out Australia, a leading mental health organisation that does crucial work to promote and protect the mental health of young people.

Four weeks into their campaign, MUPolo have raised almost $18,000 and are ranked fourth in Australia for total fundraising - despite setting out to raise $5,000, a goal that was surpassed in the first three days of March. The team have already swum 500km and are on track to hit over 800km by the end of March, less than one week away.

Two creative brothers, James and Will Etherington, showcase the club’s inventive approach to fundraising that has fostered this year’s success. James is swimming 100km this month and has vowed to swim 6km of consecutive butterfly if he hits his fundraising goal of $2000, 1km more butterfly than his efforts last year - he’s just $100 short so we look forward to seeing the butterfly soon. His equally ambitious brother, Will, has pledged to swim the equivalent distance of the English Channel, 33km, as an Individual Medley if he raises $2,500 - read: 8.25km of butterfly!

MUPolo has been blown away by the Melbourne University community's overwhelming support has given Laps for Life. MUPolo is very passionate about promoting mental and physical health so are tremendously proud of every club member who has been an advocate for youth mental health this month and helped contribute to Reach Out in an impactful way.

To follow campaign efforts or to donate, check out Melbourne University Water Polo Club on the Laps for Life website.



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