Club Update - August 2022

Published Fri 12 Aug 2022

Winter Competition Update

Thank you to everyone for being so understanding and supportive over the last few weeks filling in for teams to help us make up numbers. Traditionally, we have been able to prepare for the longer University break which doesn't align with school holidays and season dates, however coupled with the challenges associated with COVID isolations, and increased levels of sickness in the community, all of our teams have struggled for numbers. 

We have our last training session at MSAC on 14-August and with finals coming up this week lets finish the season off strong! It would be great to see many of you come and support our teams.

Tuesday Finals

  • WSL1 3rd place play-off - NYP Dragons (3rd) vs Melb Uni (4th) - 8:00pm
  • WSL2 3rd place play-off - NYP Dragons Yellow (3rd) vs Melb Uni (4th) - 8:30pm
  • WSL3 5th place play-off - Melb Uni (5th) vs La Trobe (6th) - 9:15pm

Wednesday Finals

  • MSL2 Premiership Game - MC Blackballs (1st) vs Melb Uni (2nd) - 8:00pm

Thursday Finals

  • MSL3-4 7th place play-off - La Trobe Uni (7th) vs Melb Uni (8th) - 9:15pm at MHS
  • MSL5 3rd place play-off - Melb Uni (3rd) vs Monash Uni Sea Lions (4th) - 8:20pm


End of Season Bowls

MUPolo has made a booking at Fitzroy Lawn Bowls for 2pm to 4pm next Saturday to celebrate the end of the season.

Come along and join your team mates to wrap up the season with a few cold beverages in the sun in the afternoon.

Further details will be distributed this week.


Winter Club Fees

There are still approximately 25% of members who have outstanding match fees owed to the Club for the 2022 Winter Competition. 

The Club works hard to minimise fees to members, and runs to benefit all of our members. For this reason, we need to ensure we collect fees to be able to continue to offer training, coaches, equipment and to enter teams and partake in the fixtured Competitions.

Failure to pay your fees not only puts your personal water polo experience at risk, but it also impacts the experience of your fellow club members as fees for next season are likely to increase, or we won't be able to support our coaches, or provide new equipment for our teams use. 


Club Merchandise Orders

For those who had ordered club uniform through the S-Trend uniform store, we apologise for the delay. Its been very disappointing not being able to provide our members with their uniforms and seeing them proudly worn around the pool. 

We have now received part of the order and will do our best to distribute this across training and the last round of games this week.

If your order was not in this batch, the club will contact members individually and post orders directly to members at no further cost when they arrive.


What's next?

For the remainder of August, we will have a break from training. Go away and enjoy yourselves and have a refresh! Thursday swimming will restart in September, as will skills training in the lead-up to the Summer Competition which is due to start early October. Further details for Summer Comp will be circulated soon, with the season expected to run for approximately 8 rounds before a Christmas break. It will recommence in February and run through until finals in April.

We will also be holding our Club Annual General Meeting & Pub Golf in October. This is an event not to be missed as not only is it your chance to join the club committee and offer support for the next 12 months, but also try your skills at 9 of Carlton's famous watering holes. 


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