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TTA handles personal information in accordance with the TTA Privacy Policy. Although TTA does not currently provide any personal information to external parties and has no intention of providing any personal information to external parties in the future, by ticking the box below, I do not consent to my personal information being provided to any third parties that are not affiliated with TTA, TTA insurers, professional advisers (e.g. accountants, auditors, lawyers, etc.) and relevant sporting bodies (e.g. Sports Australia)

Table Tennis Victoria

TTV Terms & Conditions:

  1. Membership runs for a calendar year only [1 January to 31 December] and prices include 10% GST.
  2. An individual must be registered as a member of an affiliated association/club – thus, an individual cannot seek direct membership of Table Tennis Victoria.
  3. Upon registration, an individual becomes a member of the nominated association/club and Table Tennis Victoria and Table Tennis Australia. Thus, an individual is bound by the Constitution and relevant by-laws of Table Tennis Australia, Table Tennis Victoria, and the nominated association/club.
  4. An individual must be registered as a member when he or she has participated in at least three social sessions or three pennant competition rounds or one open/closed tournament or is designated as an official/committee member.
  5. Where an individual is eligible for registration under two levels, the individual must be registered at the higher level – for example, where an individual works as an umpire and participates in tournaments, the individual must register for Competition – Membership.
  6. The level of Social Membership is available for an individual who does not play in any type of tournament within Victoria but is directly connected to the sport – this includes Keenagers, social groups, AAA, referees, umpires, coaches, committee members of associations/clubs, etc.
  7. The level Competition Membership is available for an individual who plays in any type of competition match such as pennant or in any approved open tournament at any affiliated association/club in Victoria.
  8. The Concession level of membership is available only to those players:
    • born in 2006 or after (Juniors) or
    • University/TAFE students with a current Full-Time enrolment or
    • Current Seniors Cardholder (State Cards only) (National Cards or Seniors Business Discount Card is not included)
    • Health Care Card Holders (inc White or Gold Veterans Cards) or
    • Pensioner Concession Card or
    • Proof must be produced (i.e. Student or Seniors Card) to be eligible.
  9. Half Year fees apply from 1 July. This is only applicable to any player who plays their first session from 1 July. It is up to the association/club to provide lists at the start of each season/tournament to provide proof of this.
  10. Membership (Social or Competition) entitles an individual to coverage under the Insurance Scheme administered by Table Tennis Australia Ltd. However, an individual should note any limitations of such insurance coverage prior to any engagement in table tennis activities.
  11. Upon registration, a member agrees to report any injury, damage, or loss suffered during any table tennis activity as soon as practicable to his or her nominated association /club.
  12. Upon registration, a member provides consent to emergency medical assistance (if deemed necessary) where a member is suffering injury or illness as a consequence of participating in any table tennis activity.
  13. Upon registration, a member agrees not to consume alcohol or illicit drugs during the holding of any table tennis activity.
  14. The personal information contained in this Membership Application Form is collected, stored, and used in accordance with Table Tennis Victoria By-Law 14 – Privacy Policy (available online).
  15. A member registered with Table Tennis Victoria shall not participate in any tournament, pennant competition, or like activity conducted by an unaffiliated body (see TTV by-law 19).
  16. As part of our commitment to keeping children safe, in some roles (e.g., committees, supervisors, coaches, team managers, etc) holding a valid WWCC is a mandatory requirement. If you do not currently hold a WWCC (or have not already nominated TTV and/or the club) TTV and/or your association/club shall request that you successfully apply for a WWCC before you will be permitted to Work with Children.

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