Hook in2 Hockey

Week 13 - 15 June

  • Below is the link to the 2024 structure plan with the field layout.
  • Minky Skills in Action will continue with ¼ field mini games this week. All information regarding this is in the structure document below
  • Minky Skills in Action: Please see Hockey Australia's resource videos (link below) and some new warm up games!!

          New warm up games

  • Hook In2 Games will have the addition of our junior learning umpires this week
  • Below are warm up skills in the Hockey Australia Resource video document.

Hook In2 Games – Introduction of umpires to the game

This week our junior learning umpires will be umpiring the Hook In2 Games.

Please start teaching your players the points below to assist with both the players' improvement towards J2 Games and to help our Junior Umpires.  

·                     When the whistle is blown listening and looking to what the call is and who gets the hit  

·                     Setting up five meters away from the ball when a hit is being taken 

·                     Please explain to them why the whistle has been blown. The umpires will be calling mostly feet and dangerous tackles  

REMINDERWe have mini Hook In2 Hockey goals set up at the beginning of every session to be used for both games and warm up skills. Please use these for your warm up and the spaces around them instead of the big full field goals and the circle. 


Hockey Australia Resource Videos

Structure - Hin2H 2024

Field Layout for 2024



Dribbling & Skills Challenge

Knock Out


Number Hockey

Stealing From an Opponent

Pushing & Receiving

Drag & Pass


Under 5 Handbook


Way to Play Booklet for Kids

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