Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

Registrations to Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy (GMVA)


This registration form is for anyone participating in any role at the Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy (GMVA).

All 2024 memberships include a Volleyball Victoria membership, which is required for participation in any Volleyball Victoria affiliated competition or event. Your membership includes coverage for personal accident insurance, member protection, and child safety policies.

  • 2024 VV Gold (Adult or U21) – VVL, National Events, State Teams, Australian Schools Cup
  • 2024 VV Silver – Regional/Local Leagues and Events, Country Champs, Social Competitions
  • 2024 VV Silver U18 – Only for players aged 17 or younger participating in Regional/Local Social Competitions
  • 2024 VV Blue – SpikeZone and Youth Programs, Academy Training, Youth Training
  • Technical (Non-Playing) – Off-Court, Coaches, Referees, Managers, Volunteers, Officials, Admins

Please contact for any questions or issues related to memberships.

If you had a Volleyball Victoria membership in 2023, please use the “Returning Member” option. Everyone else should use the “New Member” option.