Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Registration and Insurances through Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and membership of Sunshine Coast Hockey Association (SCHA) are paid separately as outlined below. Please note that any increases in fees are to cover increases from Sunshine Coast Hockey Association and CPI.


Registration is required before you start training to ensure you are covered by insurance. Until you have registered via the portal below and paid your HA, HQ & SCHA fees, you are unable to take the field.

*Note - Insurance is now per Calendar Year*

To register:

1.If you are a returning player regardless of previous association, club or team, follow the prompts and select Renew.

If you are a new player and have not registered on revolutionise before with another club or association, you will need to select “Register”.

2. Fees are now displayed at National, State, Association and Club level.

3. The relevant HA, HQ & SCHA fees that are applicable to your age will automatically be pre-selected for you and must be purchased online at the time of registration.

4. You will then select Sunshine Coast Hockey Association the relevant Division or age category for Flinders Hockey Club.

5. You MUST then select the 'add-on' fee based on the Division you will be playing in. Note - if you are unsure yet on division, select the '1st Installment Option' and you will be invoice the differenct for the 2nd round.


Any concerns surrounding Club Fees and payments please contact Jodie Columbine or Rach Sihota @

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