About Fit-For-It Taekwondo Academy and Instructor David

          Instructor David’s martial arts career started in 1982 training with a small club in Burwood Sydney. Searching for a new club to train at after his club had unexpectedly closed down, he found a Korean Master Instructor Tiger Kim 7th Dan and trained with him through to Black Belt. Instructor David relocated due to work and had to sadly leave Tiger Kim. Shortly after, Instructor David came across Master Instructor Jeong-Tae Kim 7th Dan in Ashfield, Sydney, who was 1973 WTF World Heavyweight Champion who he trained with to win the 1991 New South Wales Lightweight Black Belt Division Championship and went on to gain his 3rd Dan Black Belt.

          Shortly after this time, Instructor David graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport and Exercise Science) and also moved to Taiwan where he lived for 15 years. During his time in Taiwan, Instructor David had the opportunity to train with Master Instructor Hsin-Ming 8th Dan, who was the Olympic Taekwondo Coach to the Taiwanese National Team that competed in Sydney at the 2000 Olympics. Instructor David’s son also trained under Master Hsin-Ming from the age of four, from his white belt through to his 1st Dan Black Belt.

          Upon returning to Australia, Instructor David moved to Tamworth NSW and trained with a small local club. Wanting more from his training he decided to return to his Taekwondo roots. In July 2018 Instructor David founded the Fit-For-It Taekwondo Academy training in Traditional Taekwondo and Olympic Sport Taekwondo. In September of 2018, Instructor David graded to 4th Dan Black Belt receiving his certification through the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

          During the COVID-19 Era, Instructor David kept the FIt-For-It Taekwondo Academy running through firstly through online classes from his garage which he turned into a small personal dojang during the lockdown periods. In between lockdown periods, though with restrictions still in place on the school hall that the Academy operated out of, Instructor David utilised his garage for small group lessons while still meeting COVID-19 regulations and then out of a warehouse in the industrial area.

          When the COVID-19 lockdowns had finally finished, Instructor David was now operating out of two dojang locations, The Tamworth Northside Branch in the Oxley Vale Public School Hall and the Tamworth Southside Branch operating out of the Southside Uniting Church Hall running four days a week with three classes each of those days.

           In December 2022, Instructor David was promoted to 5th Dan Black Belt again receiving his certification through the Kukkiwon.

          Fit-For-It Taekwondo Academy is registered with Australian Taekwondo, the national body for Taekwondo in Australia, the only Taekwondo school in the Tamworth and New England area to be registered with Australian Taekwondo. Instructor David is now excited to share this dynamic, fun and exciting martial art with you at the Tamworth, Oxley Vale Branch.