You can read about the first 60 years (1960-2019) of the
Greater Dandenong Table Tennis Association below.


In 2022, the Committee made the decision to include the Masters matches in our count of Senior Pennant match records.

We have now gone back over the 20 years of Thursday pennant records, almost all of which had been preserved, adding those matches to the totals. We also included the 2022 Spring Friday Pennant season as it was officially an extension of Masters Pennant.

This has resulted in a new leader (sorry Arnold and Hans!), with Nanda Jayasinghe just passing Gavin Leo during 2022 for the top spot.

You can view or download the new lists of matches played in all forms of senior pennant by our players via the links below.

The first file is sorted in order of matches played; the second is sorted by surname so that you can easily locate yourself or other players.

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