Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Registration Information:

If you are a returning player from the 2023 season, please select the "RETURNING MEMBER" option.

Otherwise, please select the "NEW MEMBER" option.

When registering some fields may not be applicable, eg: Parent/Guardian details. Use N/A as required.

HockeyWA requires ALL PLAYERS to register through the revSport Platform.

ALL PLAYERS will be required to pay the Hockey Australia National Player Levy and Player Insurance ($57.30 for Seniors, $45.31 for Juniors and a Program Fee of $22.81 for players aged 5 to Year 4) when registering via the revSport Platform. 

Please Note - It is an individual’s own responsibility to assess whether club purchased level of cover is adequate to meet personal needs. This is not a Hockey WA or Club responsibility.

Hockey WA is part of the Hockey Australia National Group Insurance Plan managed by Honan and placed with underwriter Sportscover Australia. There is a wealth of information on the Honan website for Hockey Australia which is recommended reading for players and club officials.

To go to the Sportscover Australia website click here

To go to the Broker Honan website click here 

In addition ALL PLAYERS will also be required to pay a deposit towards their Membership through the revSport Platform - $50 for Seniors and $30 for Juniors. All Hooked On Hockey Players (aged 5 to Year 4) will also need to pay a deposit of $30. 

Your online registration cannot be finalised until these amounts are paid.

Senior players who have a current Student or Healthcare Card receive a reduction of $100 off their fees. Please email a copy of your Student or Healthcare Card to to obtain your discount code if you are paying your full fees when registering online.

If you choose to pay the deposit only, you will have the remainder of your fees to pay. Our Treasurer will invoice you.

NOTE: Dale Hockey Club has a Bring-a-Friend Discount! If you bring a friend in to play for the Club for 8 or more games – Senior players will receive a $40 discount off your fees and Junior players will recieve a $20 discount. (Note - This is can only be claimed once).


Description Dale Fees Levy Total
Senior - Full Fees $330.00 $57.30 $387.30
Senior - Partners Deal (1) $510.00 $57.30 (p/person) $624.60
Senior - Concession (2) $230.00 $57.30 $287.30
Senior - Life Member $155.00 $57.30 $212.30
Senior - Goalie with own gear (3) $230.00 $57.30 $287.30
Senior - Casual Player (4) $25.00


Senior - Non Playing Member (Umpire/Coach/Social) $25.00   $25.00
Senior Early Bird Bonus
Senior players who register and pay their total fees prior to the 6th playing date will receive a Club Card to the value of $20. Club Cards cannot be transferred to any other player and can be used on any purchases at the Dale Hockey Club canteen.
(1) Partners Deal means that a player and their significant other, pay one discounted total fee cost, but must pay an individual Hockey Australia Levy to cover their insurance (no other discounts apply)
(2) Concession cards accepted are current Student and Healthcare Cards
(3) Goalie must supply all own goalkeeping equipment
(4) Casual Players pay $25 per game (up to a maximum of 8) - payable on game day. 
Once a casual player moves to participate in their 9th game they become a full member (and Full Fees of $330 will apply)


Description Dale Fees Levy Total
HookedOnHockey (Pre-Primary to Year 4) (1) $70.00 $22.81 $92.81
Junior Player (Year 5 and Up) (2) $75.00 $45.31 $120.31
Sibling Discount (3)      
All Junior players in teams Year 5/6s, Year 7/8s and Year 9/10s pay the same fees regardless of age.
Please note -  Junior turf games will require each player to pay a fee of $5 per game to help cover turf game costs.
 (1) Our HookedOnHockey program gives young boys and girls from Pre-Primary to Year 4, the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, develop fundamental motor skills and make friends all while beginning their lifelong love of hockey!.
HookedOnHockey Membership includes a hockey starter pack. Hockey starter pack includes stick, shin guards and hockey ball.
(2) Our Junior Fees are heavily subsidised by the Club - meaning the cost to Junior players this year is $75 + the Hockey Australia Levy.
(3) Please note - The Sibling Discount is applied retrospectively to the balance of fees after registration. A cumulative discount of $10 will apply to each subsequent sibling up to a maximum of four siblings.
KidSport Funding
KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 years to participate in community sport by offering them financial assistance each calendar year towards Club fees.
Dale Hockey Club is proud to participate in this program, so if you are eligible and would like to play hockey with us this year, we’d love to have you!

Dale Junior fees are $120.31 this year, $45.31 of which is the Hockey Australia Levy that insures your child during the season.  Hooked On Hockey fees are $92.81 of which $22.81 is the Hockey Australia Program Fee.

An additional option this year for our Junior Kidsport registrations, is to include a Shorts and Socks Pack (required part of our playing uniform) - at an addtional cost of $50. If this option is chosen the total Junior fee will be $170.31. This is not available for Hooked On Hockey registrations.

The Hockey Australia Levy needs to be paid upon registration, so you will be required to pay the HA Junior Player Levy ($45.31) or the HA Program Fee ($22.81), out of pocket during our registration process. Afterwards please apply for KidSport below for the full $120.31 (or $170.31 for the Shorts and Socks Pack) for Junior players, or $92.81 for Hooked On Hockey players (for any questions please see the link below for the WA government KidSport page):

Kidsport "Apply Online Here"

Once you have provided your KidSport code, we will refund you the $45.31 or $22.81 (whichever is applicable). 

Hookin2Hockey - Hooked On Hockey - Ordering Hockey Starter Packs

In addition to registering, HookedOnHockey participants should also complete the form located here, so your registration pack can be ordered. (Please note - whilst every effort will be made, we cannot guarantee that all colour selections will be available).


After using the buttons below to pay your deposit and levy during your online registration, the balance of your fees can be paid by Direct Deposit into our bank account.

BSB: 633000

Account No: 132346743


Alternatively please contact our Treasurer for information on available payment plans for fees or how to make cash payments.

Please note: The revolutioniseSport payment platform charges a card processing fee for any component of fees paid to the Club ie a deposit or full fees. We have no control over this. The fee does not come to the Club.


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