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Canberra Runners

19 December 2023

  1. I/We the membership applicants, and if being a minor my parent/s and guardian/s for and on behalf of myself, acknowledge that it is a condition of membership of Canberra Runners Incorporated that we make the following representations and warranties and we hereby do so.
  2. In this agreement, Canberra Runners Incorporated includes its directors, officers, employees, voluntary workers, agents and contractors.
  3. I/We agree to uphold the objects of Canberra Runners Incorporated and comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 and the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws.
  4. I/We agree to personal details such as name, age, gender and performance being shown in published results, and my/our photographic image being published on the Canberra Runners Incorporated websites and social media posts, and in Canberra Runners Incorporated communications and promotional material.  
  5. I/We agree to be bound by the Canberra Runners Incorporated Membership Protection Policy and to adhere to its Code of Conduct.
  6. I/We agree to follow the instructions as provided by Canberra Runners Incorporated in regard to my safety and the safety of others.
  7. I/We understand that Canberra Runners Incorporated membership fees are not refundable.

Acknowledgement of Risk

  1. I/We accept that Canberra Runners Incorporated events and activities, like most sporting activities, are dangerous and can result in injury. I/We are aware of the inherent and extrinsic risks to my/our health, life and property in participating in Canberra Runners Incorporated events and activities and agree to do so at my/our own risk.
  2. I/We agree to assume all responsibility for any personal injury or death to myself or others resulting from, or arising out of, participation in Canberra Runners Incorporated events and activities.
  3. I/We acknowledge that I/we are under no obligation to participate in or complete events and activities if I/we have any concerns about my/our ability to do so.
  4. I/We understand that the event organisers will conduct a safety briefing that will include an opportunity for me/us to ask questions, and I/we undertake to ask questions of the event organisers if there is anything that is not clear to me.
  5. To the best of my/our knowledge, I/we are physically able to participate in running events and activities, and know of no reason as to why I/we should not.

Release of Canberra Runners Inc. and indemnity 

  1. I/We agree to waive, release and discharge forever Canberra Runners Incorporated in relation to any personal injury or death to myself or otherwise resulting from, or arising out of, my participation in Canberra Runners Incorporated events and activities (the “Waiver”).
  2. I/We acknowledge and agree that the Waiver shall extend to any personal injury or death to myself/ourselves caused by:
    • the negligence, action or inaction of Canberra Runners Incorporated or other users of, or persons present at, the event; or
    • my own negligence, action or inaction.
  3. I/We agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Canberra Runners Incorporated from and  against any claim, cause of action, liability or judgment resulting from, or arising out of, or in  connection with my participation in Canberra Runners Incorporated events and activities to which  the foregoing waivers apply.

Medical and treatment costs

  1. I/We acknowledge that individual personal accident insurance is not included in my participation.  In the event of injury, accident or illness, I/We consent to receiving initial first aid treatment (if the Canberra Runners Incorporated considers it appropriate) and paying all costs associated with any ambulance transportation (if required) and ongoing medical treatment. 


  1. I/We understand that my personal details will not be provided to any third party without my authorisation.
  2. I/We acknowledge that the information given on this form or otherwise provided by me/us (or my parent/s or guardian/s) to Canberra Runners Incorporated is true and correct.
  3. I/We waive Canberra Runners Incorporated for any liability arising out of or related to a cyber security breach.


  1. When you make a purchase with Canberra Runners via RevolutioniseSport, your payment details are processed securely through Pin Payments. Your payment information is never stored on Canberra Runners, nor on RevolutioniseSport servers. Pin Payments is PCI-DSS compliant, uses TLS encryption, and handles the entire payment process, ensuring that your data is protected and your privacy is maintained. There is more information regarding Pin Payments' security here: https://pinpayments.com/security.

COVID-19 limitations

  1. I/We agree not to attend Canberra Runners Incorporated activities and events if I am experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19, or if I am required to self-isolate (e.g. while awaiting  test results).