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ACSA Club Membership Standards are the minimum requirements for any Club wishing to become a member of ACSA.

Please make sure that you use this opportunity to check your Club’s current compliance with each of the ACSA Membership Standards.

Non-compliance with any one or more of these Standards will result in a delay in the processing of the Club’s Membership.

By selecting yes below, you are confirming:

  1. I am a duly authorised representative of (the club);
  2. All of the information supplied in this Club Membership Form is correct at the time of application;
  3. Each individual Owner and Operator (as those terms are defined in the ACSA Club Membership Terms and Conditions) of the club is a fit and proper person to discharge the duties and responsibilities and exercise the rights and privileges associated with their role as Owner or Operator of an affiliated club; and
  4. The club currently complies with, and will continue to comply with for the duration of its Membership, the Membership Standards outlined above.

By submitting this form, I confirm understanding that ACSA take the privacy of members and athletes seriously. ACSA may use and disclose the personal information provided in this form for the purposes of conducting and administrating activities across Australia, providing you and the club with member services or promotional material and complying with legal obligations.

I understand that ACSA may share information provided in this form with third parties such as affiliates and other organisations involved in All Star Cheer & Dance in Australia, companies engaged by ACSA to carry out functions and activities on their behalf including direct marketing, government agencies and ACSA's professional advisors, including their accountants, auditors, lawyers and insurers.

I understand that Club Membership may be rejected if the information is not provided. If either I or the club does not wish to receive promotional material from ACSA or sponsors and third parties, I or the club must advise the relevant organisation via

By selecting yes in the below box, I also declare that the club agrees to be bound by the ACSA Terms and Conditions of Club Membership and complies with all the ACSA Membership Standards. I acknowledge and agree that Membership is conditional upon the club meeting and continuing to comply with all ACSA Membership Standards, the ACSA Terms and Conditions of Club Membership, all policies of ACSA enforced from time to time and is subject to the approval of the ACSA Board.

Please confirm that you agree to these terms by completing the registration. 

Note: your application cannot be accepted unless these terms are agreed to.

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