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Centenary Rowing Club is a 100% volunteer-run organisation and, as such, relies on and welcomes the involvement of many people to provide opportunities for young people to become involved in the sport of rowing.

If you would like to get your school involved with Centenary Rowing, or simply want to become an a member of the Club then please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

We are always looking for volunteers for a range of tasks to keep the club running smoothly and be part of our tight-knit community.  All our volunteers must have a Blue Card.

There are three main volunteer groups - coaching, regattas and day-to-day tasks.


Centenary Rowing Club is in need of more coaches to join our dedicated volunteer team. Whilst preferable, there is no need to have any coaching qualifications or experience, as we can provide "on-the-job" training where you would be mentored by one of our experienced coaches until you and they feel that you can capably take a team on your own.

We also offer (depending on demand) our own "Level 0" coaching course which assumes no knowledge and takes you through the basics, so that on completion of the course you should feel confident in coaching a beginner's crew.

Once you have been coaching at Centenary Rowing Club for a sufficient period of time, we can arrange for a Level 1 coaching course. After gaining sufficient experience, a Level 2 coaching course can be arranged. We have senior coaches who are qualified in presenting and assessing rowing courses under the National Coach Accreditation Scheme.


There are many roles and tasks that are needed in order to run a smooth and successful regatta. These include de-rigging and loading boats, towing trailers, unloading and rigging boats, erecting tents/marquees, setting up PA systems, organising cooking areas, food preparation, marshalling, recording, timing, umpiring, race starter, judge, plus much, much more! If you would like to be involved in organizing the next regatta, email and you will be put in touch with the appropriate person.

Day-to-Day Tasks

Like any club, it is the day-to-day tasks that keep the club looking tip top and running smoothly. As Centenary Rowing Club is a volunteer-run organisation, we require people to volunteer their time and skills to assist the club. There are many jobs that need to be done around the club such as mowing lawns, weeding, whipper-snippering, painting, refurbishing/reconditioning oars (no experience necessary), general repairs, washing boats, sweeping the shed and cleaning the pontoon, fundraising, the list goes on! You may have a special talent that you think the club could use or perhaps you are qualified in a certain trade the club may need. If you see anything that needs to be done or that could be done around the club and would like to volunteer to do it then let someone know! If you have been holding back because you are unsure of who to contact, then send us an email at and with you, we can begin working towards improving the club.


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