VRC Tuesdays


Tue 31 Oct 2023 18:30 — Tue 26 Dec 2028 22:00
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Event information

Join us at Vertical Reality Climbing every Tuesday from 6:30pm - 10pm!

This is the perfect opportunity to meet other climbers in the Club, pick up your AUMC membership card, or show it at the front desk for $17.00 climbing every week!


First time things to know

  • You will need to call ahead to book a belay induction (08) 8266 4090. These are run on the hour (6pm, 7pm, 8pm etc). It is probably best to do this at 7pm or 8pm as there will definitely be aumc members around by then.
  • If you fill out the online waiver this will save a bit of time. https://app.rockgympro.com/waiver/esign/verticalrealityau/51cc0bee-0613-4e70-ac34-63c3f63a5b1d
  • If you are a member of the aumc and also a student, you can use our club discount ($17 entry). Just show them your current student ID and AUMC membership confirmation email.
  • There is no need to hire shoes and a harness as we have a locker full of club owned gear for you to use.
  • Introduce yourself to the other aumc members and find someone to climb with. We're a friendly bunch so don't be shy.


Not a member? Sign up here. Or otherwise it's a public gym so you're welcome to come along on a Tuesday night anyway - you just won't be able to use AUMC harnesses and will have to hire your own from the gym. Harness hire is $6.50 per session. Introduce yourself to someone from AUMC and we'll show you around so you can meet our members.