Trips and fees

The club charges fees for some trips that use club gear. We do this so that we can save up some money in order to retire and replace important safety equipment, as they experience general gear wear & tear over time. This ensures we keep our gear at an excellent quality for members to enjoy for years to come. 

Trip fees depend on the type of trip, the activity, and gear required. You can find below a general GUIDE for base Trip fees:

General GUIDE for Trip fees:

Trip type

Ticket/fee types*

Example trip


For climbing, gear wear & tear means anyone climbing on club rope, racks, draws, etc. 


Beginner climbing 
  • Gear wear & tear ticket (has own harness, shoes, AND helmet) - $5.00
  • Gear wear & tear ticket + gear hire (hire harness/shoes/helmet) - $10.00
Top rope
Intermediate/advanced climbing
  • Gear wear & tear ticket (has own harness, shoes, AND helmet) - $5.00
  • Gear wear & tear ticket + gear hire (hire harness/shoes/helmet) - $10.00
Sport climbing, trad climbing
Multi-day climbing 
  • Gear wear & tear ticket - $10.00 + Camping/Parks fee (if applicable)
Top rope, sport climbing, trad climbing (2+ days)


If you don't have your own hiking/camping gear, you can hire it from the club


Beginner day walk
  • FREE
Day hikes 
Multi-day walks
  • No gear hire required - Camping/Parks fee (if applicable)
  • Gear hire required (e.g. tent, sleeping bag, pack, cookware) - $5.00 + Camping/Parks fee (if applicable) 
Overnight hikes (2+ days)


For water activities, anyone using a club kayak/board pays a gear wear & tear fee


Beginner kayaking 
  • Anyone using a club kayak - $13.13
Single day kayaking, beginner skills day
Multi-day kayaking
  • Anyone using a club kayak - $10.00 + Camping/Parks fee (if applicable) 
Overnight kayak trip (2+ days)
  • Anyone using a club board - $10.00
Single day surf, beginner skills day

*Other potential costs (not included in base fee) - Petrol (usually split between a carpool), food and snacks, website processing fees

How do we sort out gear?

When you sign up for a trip, you will indicate in the form whether or not you require gear and purchase the respective ticket price. Your Trip Leader will arrange for gear hire, usually communicating through the Trip's group chat (on Messenger). 


Borrowing gear for personal use

We have a range of camping gear available for hire for your own use if you are a current AUMC member. A reminder that any gear required for use on an AUMC club trip is usually paid for/included in that trip's fees. 

Please note that we do not hire out climbing equipment outside of official AUMC club trips. More info on gear rental can be found here