Step 1/10: Let's get started
Step 1/10: Let's get started

This year we have introduced a Family Discount for our members, ranging from 10% - 30% !!! 

The first family member pays full cost then the second family member recieves a 10% discount, the third a 20% discount and a 30% discount for every family member thereafter.

So get your whole family playing and save!   Talk to our President or Vice President for details.


To Register for the season please click on the link below.

Just a heads up that to complete the team registration section you will need your main teams unique code, which is below. Please note it down before proceeding. If you are undecided just choose “None of the above” in that section.

*If your code does not work, please select "none of the above" and committee member will update manually.

Team            Registration Code*
Beldon        IG12
Hillarys       RI41
Kingsway    8AC3
Landsdale   53HE


The fees (including insurance and umpire costs) are :

Full senior member rate: $290  ($240 + $50 umpire fee)

  Early bird registration (paid before 13th April 2023):  $250  ($200 + $50 umpire fee)

New Member (first season): $250  ($200+ $50 umpire fee))

Casual Player:  $85 for the first two games then $20 per game thereafter  ($60 +$25 umpire fee)

Full time student: $200  ($150 + $50 umpire fee)

Junior member: $150 


*** Umpire fees can be reduced for those helping at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzles during the year - ask a committee member about the details. ***

Please note there will be a small surcharge added due to processing fees which depend on your payment method.