VA Level 1 Referee Accreditation Application - 2023


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Volleyball Australia - VA Level 1 Referee Application

Course information

Complete the following steps to successfully submit your Volleyball Australia Level 1 Referee application:

1. Go to Volleyball Australia's Learning Portal to complete the VA Fundamentals of Refereeing Course and attain the course Certificate of Completion (Example of Certificate). This certificate will be emailed to you once the course is completed succesfully. 

2. Complete all 3* of the following Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) and Play By The Rules (PBTR) modules and attain the E-Learning Certificate of Completion:

*If under 18, only the Harassmend and Discrimination module needs to be completed       

   -SIA- Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction (18 year olds and older)

   -PBTR- Child Protection and Safeguarding (18 year olds and older)

   -PBTR- Harassment and Discrimination (everyone)

NOTE: This website is not ran by VWA or VA, but directly by SIA. Once the modules are completed please get the correct form of the certificate by clicking on the 'Download Certificate' tab on top. 

3. Return to this portal to upload all the required documents via the apply button.

4. You must be or become a member of your State or Territory Volleyball Association. This will be verified by your State.


Your application will be processed within 10 working days and you will be notified of its outcome via email. If successful your certificate will be emailed to you, and available in your member's portal. 
If you do not receive your certificate within 10 working days, please ensure you have checked your junk folder AND have met all above requirements (including being a Volleyball WA member). 

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