About Us

Sailability is a program at some sailing clubs that offers an additional level of support, an established network of volunteers, and equipment to assist people of all abilities to get into sailing. Sailability was established in Australia by the Victorian Yachting Council in 1991.  By 2000, Sailability Victoria had been incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organisation while continuing to operate as a committee of Yachting Victoria.  At that time Yachting Victoria provides a part-time Sailability Coordinator and a mobile unit of four Access (Hansa) Boats and SAfety RIB supporting just four Sailability Programs.  Sailability Victoria amalgamated with Sailing for Everyone in 2003, including an additional four programs.  From this we have now grown to 22 programs around the State offering sailing experiences to many sailors of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, enabling them to become involved in sailing and their local sailing club.


Here are some of the ways sailing is inclusive:

  • Different types of boat provided by clubs including the Hansa Class that are easy to sail
  • Instructors who can adapt their teaching methods to suit individuals of all abilities
  • Equipment to assist those with limited mobility to get into and out of boats
  • Modified docking areas that are accessible
  • Affordable options to participate
  • The Sailing Pathway for people of all abilities to progress through

Each club offering a Sailability program has a Sailability Coordinator who is a point of contact for people who want to find out more. They are supported by a team of volunteers who are passionate about welcoming people of all abilities to sailing.