Judo 4 Kids Term 3 2024


Term 3 2024 Class Duration: 10 weeks Use Promo Code 2024T3 before Sunday 7 July 2024 for $15 off the Term Fee.
Session Dependent (UNSW-ES PCYC-South Sydney PCYC)

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Registration for this event closes at Sun 29 Sep 2024 23:45.

Term 3 2024 Class Duration:  10 Weeks

Early Bird Discount Code 2024T3 before Sunday 7th July

EZI DEBIT multiple classes (12 Months continuous): $35 per week

EziDebit only – 12 months Continuous Direct Debit only $35 weekly (multiple classes for 12 months)* Click on the link EziDebit Ref: Kids Judo. Ten years and above age groups should be training more than once a week in order to progress their technique, co-ordination and overall body strength. They can attend any of the Graded Kids classes and prepare for competitions.

*If you would like your child to attend multiple graded classes a week, contact Warren for the direct debit option - $35/week* (continuous payments for minimum of 12 months)  EziDebit

Classes Locations:

UNSW - 1st Floor, University Gymnasium, Corner of High Street & Anzac Parade, Kensington

Eastern Suburb's PCYC - 26A Bunnerong Road, Daceyville

South Sydney PCYC - 638 Elizabeth Street, Redfern

About the Club

The University of New South Wales Judo Club was started in 1956. Since then the club has grown to be the largest judo club in Australia with over 300 registered members

The club caters for many levels of judo players. Our members range from players who come to train once a week to keep fit, to representatives on the national team who train every day. We also have Women's self defense courses based on judo techniques, and our massive childrens program from 3 - 14 years of age, where the emphasis is on fun, maximum movement and falling safely.


The club has a history of successful competitors and have had many club members represent Australia at the World Championships and Olympic Games:

Mark Carew - 1980

Andrew Richardson - 1984

Warren Rosser - 1988

Natalie Galea - 1996

Semir Pepic - 2004

Sonya Chervonsky - 2004

Semir Pepic - 2008

Janelle Shepherd - 2008

Miranda Giambelli - 2016

Kids Judo

The Kids Judo program at the University of New South Wales began in 1996 with 2 classes a week. We now have 30 classes a week in four age groups and over 230 children enrolled each term.

3 - 4 years (Mini Kids Judo)

These classes develop the core skills of movement with the learning of basic Judo movements - safe falling - jumping - balance - contact awareness, as well as developing concentration and self confidence in a games structured environment. These games are developed to create the awareness of the desired skills of Judo with lots of physical challenges, fun and laughter.

5 - 7 years (Starters)

These classes develop the core skills of Judo - safe falling - balance - contact awareness. Classes are conducted in a games environment where the games are structured to create awareness of the desired skill. Big Ball Sumo, Pillow fights and Crash Mat battles are just some of the fun games the children play. Gradings commence in this age group where techniques are assessed and coloured belts awarded.

7 - 10 years (Beginners)

These classes develop specific Judo skills but with high "game" element. Safe falling skills are more developed to increase the ability to relax during the fall.  The techniques taught are required for gradings.

7 - 10 years (Graded)

These classes develop throwing and groundwork techniques with games designed to challenge the kids mentally and physically. The techniques taught are required for gradings and and modified competitions.

12 - 14 years (Beginners)

These classes develop general strength and specific Judo skills. Safe falling skills are developed to increase the ability to relax during the fall.  The techniques taught are required for gradings.

11 - 14 years (Graded)

These classes develop throws, groundwork, techniques and overall body strength. Classes also develop strategy with focus on competition depending on each individual players physical and emotional maturity.


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