2023 Traralgon Jingle Pong Junior/Senior Open


Sat 02 Dec 2023 09:00 — 19:00
Table Tennis Victoria - 2024 State Tournament Circuit (Jnr/Snr)

Course information

Late registrations for this course are closed.

DRAFT DRAWS - as of 11:00pm (29/11/2023) - subject to change

Aged Singles only

Round robin groups of 3 in Gender Singles:

NOTE: You may enter ONLY 1 event per time slot for this tournament and 2 sequential age groups only

Limit of 2 events per person

No consolation events

Timetable* of Events

* Timetable subject to changes once we know the entry numbers and the draws are done.


09:00 U/9's & U/15's & Open
13:00 U/11's, U/17's, O/30's, U/21's & Twenties
17:00 Para, U/13's & U/19’s


TTV Tournament Conditions of Entry (2024 Selection Period)